Free quotes and consultations

We will send a qualified professional to you with no charge to see what we need to suit your needs. Our consultants are experts on working with individuals on their water blasting and power washing needs.

Trust worthy

We do excellent jobs on all properties we work on and we can suit your needs whether you’re looking to sell or just needing a clean. We offer good advice on water blasting and cleaning needs and we don’t beat around the bush. We offer excellent solutions to what may be quite complex cleaning projects. Kiwi Clean Home are hard working and we guarantee fantastic end results. 

We are a family owned and operated company based around providing excellent service and long lasting relationships. We work with you to go further with your investment and help maintain your assets. We do this by cleaning your property and working with you to suit your needs. Its very important to keep a regular clean of your property or investment as mould and mildue build up causes permanent damage. All our house washing is done with a low pressure sprayer. Every property is different so we work with individuals to bring back value to their properties.