Residential Cleaning Tips

Our residential cleaning tips category provides practical advice and helpful tips for cleaning and organizing homes. This category typically includes articles on various cleaning tasks such as dusting, vacuuming, mopping, and bathroom cleaning. The articles may also cover topics such as decluttering, organizing, and maintaining a clean and tidy living space.

Homemade Window Cleaning Solutions: An Eco-Friendly and Cost-Effective Approach

Kiwi Clean Home investigates the efficacy, environmental impact, and economic advantages of homemade window cleaning solutions compared to commercial products. Through a comprehensive review of literature and online sources, various recipes and methods for creating effective homemade solutions are analyzed. The findings suggest that homemade solutions, particularly those consisting of white vinegar, distilled water, and…

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What is commercial cleaning?

Commercial cleaning is an essential service that caters to a variety of business environments, such as offices, schools, hospitals, restaurants, and other commercial spaces. Unlike domestic cleaning, which focuses on maintaining residential homes, commercial cleaning in New Zealand has evolved significantly, adapting to the changing demands of the market and incorporating the latest technological advancements.…

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Common Challenges Faced by Airbnb Hosts in Auckland and How Cleaning Services Can Help

Key Takeaways Challenges: Managing guest turnovers, maintaining high standards of cleanliness and presentation, balancing personal schedules with hosting responsibilities, and adhering to guidelines while providing top-notch service. Solutions Offered by Cleaning Services: Comprehensive cleaning packages for rapid room readiness, tailored processes based on Airbnb’s Cleaning guidelines with a focus on high-touch surfaces, stress reduction through…

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What are the effective methods of disinfection?

Disinfection is the process of eliminating or reducing the number of microorganisms on surfaces and objects to a level that is considered safe for human health. It involves the use of various chemical or physical agents to destroy or inhibit the growth of pathogens, including bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Unlike sterilization, which aims to completely…

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Going Up, Staying Clean: Elevator Hygiene Etiquette for Impeccable Guest Experiences

Hygiene is important in all businesses, especially Hospitality. Let’s tackle into a topic that often hides in plain sight but has remarkable influence over guest experiences—the meticulous cleaning and maintenance of public elevators. If you’re a dedicated professional, committed to crafting unforgettable stays, you’re well aware that it’s the minutiae that sets exceptional establishments apart.…

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How To Clean A Top Loader Washing Machine

A clean and well-maintained top loader washing machine is essential for ensuring that your laundry is fresh, clean, and free from any unwanted odors. Over time, dirt, grime, and detergent residue can accumulate in various parts of the machine, compromising its efficiency and even shortening its lifespan. Therefore, regular cleaning is not just a matter…

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Residential Cleaning Services

All our residential cleaners have a checklist that they follow. We have custom cleaning services to suit your needs.

Commercial Cleaning Services

Our experienced cleaners will work diligently to keep your commercial space looking its best. Custom options are available.

Carpet Cleaning and Shampoo Services

Remove stains and dirt, refurbish and maintain your carpets with Kiwi Clean Home. We will get your carpets ready for any occasion.

Window Cleaning Services

If your windows are looking stained or have a build-up of dust and mud, our team will take care of the dirty work for you.

Car Grooming And Detailing

Has your car seen better days? Maybe it’s time for a grooming session! We’ve got some great car grooming services to help your vehicle look its best.

Pet Travel Crate Rentals

Renting a travel crate is a great option if you only need a crate for a short time or if you’re unsure if owning a crate is right for you.

Lawn Mowing and Maintenance

Our expert team of lawn mowers will take care of any lawn, big or small. Experts with lawn maintenance and one-off’s

Church Cleaning Services

Church cleaning isn’t just about removing dirt and dust. It is about creating a sacred and clean space that inspires people to come.

Shop Online

Experience the convenience of online shopping for top-quality, professional residential and commercial cleaning products.

Concrete Floor Polishing

Do you have a concrete floor that could use some sprucing up? Are you unsure of the fact on how to go about polishing it?

End Of Tenancy and Bond Cleaning

Our end-of-tenancy cleaning service is a thorough and deep clean of the entire property, designed to get it back to its original condition.

Water Blasting and Pressure Washing

Kiwi Clean Home is the go-to if you’re looking to hire a team of experts who specialize in water blasting services.

Office and Corporate Cleaning

Get your office cleaned from top to bottom, keeping it at a healthy and professional standard for employees and clients alike.

Restaurant and Bar Cleaning

Restaurants strive to maintain a clean and hygienic environment for all. Let Kiwi Clean Home help you create a pleasant and healthy environment.