How much does it cost to have a house professionally cleaned?

As a full-time worker, someone who isn’t home often, or someone who wants to save time, you’ll find that there are plenty of benefits in hiring a cleaner. Having a clean home to come to after a long day is so beneficial for one’s mental health. Hiring a cleaner can mean less time spent doing chores, and more time relaxing and enjoying your free time.

When you have a clutter-free home you have more space for other items of furniture, physical gym equipment, yoga mat areas, you name it. Hiring a cleaner can mean you can rearrange your house in a way where dust build-up and mold build-up slows and get in professionals to maintain the upkeep.

Living in a messier environment can make your house more prone to allergens and dust mites, fleas, and other sorts of invaders. These can also elevate any asthma sufferers and induce wheezing.

When hiring cleaners, we take the stress out of worrying about needing to clean your space. Some houses are larger than others and vacuuming alone can seem like a daunting task. People generally don’t schedule chore days and the work becomes too much, generally needing entire days to clean. This can be problematic when you work full time, have quite a laborious job, or have a few hobbies and lead a busy lifestyle.

Having a disorganized home can also make cleaning a lot harder and makes our job slightly more difficult. Just organizing your belongings takes time and effort and for some, is thought of as a waste of time.

However, fortunately for you our residential cleaners take care of the hard work. We have found that our clients are so much happier knowing we can come in and do the work, leaving your house spotless and clean.

House cleaners in New Zealand, especially Auckland charge a minimum of $25 dollars an hour. The price can usually indicate what level of service you’re going to get and can also depend on the number of cleaners on the cleaning team. Here at Kiwi Clean Home, we charge a minimum of $60 an hour, which includes all travel, gear, and cleaning costs. We aim to deliver a premium, trustworthy service and have serviced all our clients with excellent results.

Variations in cleaning prices can be dictated by a number of factors:

Size of your home

When you have a bigger home the time it takes just to vacuum and clean a larger carpet space can take a while. Here at Kiwi Clean Home we usually dust first and get rid of any leftovers or dust on surfaces before vacuuming. Houses with a big floor space usually take 30-50 minutes just to vacuum. Once we complete vacuuming we mop the linoleum and wooden floor areas. For larger floor spaces time will be needed to be factored in for these two jobs alone. This can drive the time it takes for cleaners to get in and out.

People living in the home are untidy

Having a bigger family or a younger group of people in the house brings in their own unique challenges. If you have a family of 4 living in the home, an assumption can be made that there might be a lot of personal effects in the house. Some cleaning companies will charge extra for moving and replacing the items. As we advise all our clients to move belongings off surfaces and furniture that might get in the way of our processes. The longer a cleaner spends time in your home, the higher the price will be.

If you have a group of younger people and they tend to have more social gatherings, a deeper clean may be required. If the house is only serviced once a month it might take a while to bring the entire house up to a reasonable standard. If there are pets, there might be hairs stuck in the carpet. You get the gist.

The type of cleaning you’re getting

Because we charge an hourly rate for our cleaning teams, our price reflects any jobs that need to be done. The thoroughness and level of cleanliness will vary based on how long we are in your home. To give you an example, if you have a 4-bedroom 2-bathroom home, but only ask us to clean 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom, the time to do these jobs will be much less.

Here at Kiwi Clean Home, our minimum fee is 1 hour.

Frequency of your cleaners

The majority of our clients are regulars, meaning we clean their homes weekly, fortnightly, or monthly. As we get used to homes our process and efficiency increase and the time taken to know your home is reduced. The bigger the cleaning team, the more jobs get tackled at the same time which reduces the number of hours a team spends in your home.

A rule of thumb for us is, a 3 bedroom, 1 bathroom house will take us a minimum of 1 hour. This includes vacuuming and mopping the floor area as well.

Weekly, Fortnightly, or Monthly Residential cleaning

These are the services we offer when your house is just needing maintenance each week. We usually schedule weeks in advance and stick to our schedule like glue. We come in and clean all surfaces thoroughly, vacuum and mop and clean all areas that you have asked us to. On the day you may have a job that needs doing and we won’t hesitate to help out if within our power. If you have a large house and there are only 2 of you, for instance, these services are ideal because it saves you time and hassle while keeping your home in tip-top shape.

What is included in a deep house cleaning?

A deep clean means being more thorough in other areas and the time spent in the house is longer. If it is a house that hasn’t been cleaned in a month or more it might need a deep clean. Usually, our first cleans for our regular clients are deeper because the house is generally in an untidier state. When we return the house is cleaner, our time spent in the house is less and we do a better job. In a deep clean there are things like oven degreasing, rangehood cleans, shower mold and water spot removal, dusting individual items and areas, ceiling vacuum, skirting boards, and staircases. This is just to name a few items we have seen needing to be done when booked in for a deep clean. Deep cleans for us are still charged at our an hour rate.

End of tenancy cleaning / New Tenants

These tend to be very similar to deep cleans because people want their bond back and people moving house also want to move into a property that’s clean. Kiwi Clean Home offers excellent services in this regard and we have serviced many places for tenants with excellent results. Some jobs that we have found in move-out and move-in cleans are fridges and cupboards are done, as well as cutlery draws.

Commercial Cleaning / House Renovations / Office Spaces

Not all companies offer these services, however, if it’s within our scope we will happily generate a quote. These types of cleans usually require higher levels of knowledge and experience. We have our cleaners use checklists to make sure all the jobs have been done and are met at an exceptional standard. Our per-hour rate applies here as well. This is a standard price for Kiwi Clean Home all around.

Hiring a cleaning team over a single cleaner

The one thing we can mention here is 2, is always better than 1. Our cleaners are specialists working side by side to get the maximum results. For instance, one cleaner will clean all surfaces and remove any dirt or build-up, while one then vacuums all the areas around the house. The other cleaner might then go and do the bathrooms and start on the surfaces in there.

Deeper cleaning and additional cleaning services

Having a professional cleaning team to service your needs not only saves you time but money and stress in the long run. There are many more pros than cons when it comes to hiring cleaners and we can tell you for a fact that all our client’s lives are much better because of it. Houses are in a much cleaner state than they were when we leave and we take pride in bringing people joy. A clean house is so much better to come home to after a long day, similar to clean linen and fresh sheets.

Additional cleaning services that you may come across

  • Fridge and oven clean
  • Stovetop and range hoods
  • Cleaning inside cupboards and cutlery draws
  • Cleaning walk-in wardrobes
  • Wall cleaning
  • Dishes and rubbish removal
  • Bed bases
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