How To Hang Towels In Your Bathroom

The bathroom in your home can be a very public place. Every guest who comes through your door will most likely use it and you want to make sure your bathroom is kept clean. And you want to make sure it doesn’t look messy or poorly kept. One of the ways to ensure your bathroom looks good is its presentation. How you store your towels, hand towels, face cloths, toiletries, and linens dramatically affects your bathroom’s look. Taking your bathroom from being ordinary to being like having a clean five-star hotel is as simple as folding and hanging your towels correctly. But what is the proper way to hang and store the towels in the bathroom?

How to store towels?

When storing towels, make sure your cupboard is clean and dry. You don’t want your towels collecting mould. If they do you will be rubbing that mould all over your body or worse into your eyes and face. If you have several towels of different sizes, the best way to store them is by placing the largest towels on the bottom and then stacking the smaller towels on top like a pyramid. This will keep your shelves looking tidy, organised, and easy to access.

How to fold towels?

One way to make your bathroom look like it’s fresh out of a hotel catalogue is to fold your towels correctly. You might think that folding towels is just about making them look nice, but it also makes your life easier. If a towel is folded correctly, it will stay on the shelf, be easier to access and have a longer life span. If your towels are left screwed up, it can cause ugly creasing and be unable to dry correctly, resulting in a build-up of mould. How you fold your towels depends on how you store them, whether you are stacking them, or hanging them on a hook, ring, or rung.

Two ways to fold your towels for storage are the flat square and the roll.

The Flat Square

  • Lay your towel out flat, either on a table or bench. Fold each long end into the middle. Make sure you leave a small gap between the two ends of the towel in the middle.
  • Then, fold the shorter ends into the middle.
  • Lastly, taking one end, fold the towel in half. Now, you should have a towel folded into a square. This is the best way to fold a towel if you want to stack a lot of them in your storage space.

The Roll

  • Lay your towel out flat, either on a table or bench. Take one corner and fold it on a diagonal angle, so the short side of the towel is lined up along the long side. This should create a triangle on one end.
  • Take the towel and fold it in half lengthwise. You should still have a triangle on one end.
  • Flip the towel over.
  • Starting at the end that doesn’t have a triangle, roll the towel tightly and evenly down to the triangle. Once at the triangle, tuck the end of it into the roll.

The two best ways to fold your towel when hanging it on a rung

  • Hang the towel over the rung without folding it. Ensure that the towel is fully extended and there is no creasing or gathering. If there is, it will be harder for your towel to dry out properly, and it could get mouldy. This is the best way to hang a towel on a rung when you have just used it and it needs to dry out.
  • Lay your towel out and hold the two long sides together in the middle. Fold the towel in half lengthwise. Then hang it over your towel rung. This hides the long edges under the towel and makes it look tidy.

Folding your towel when hanging it

  • Fold the two long sides into the middle.
  • Repeat this as many times as needed. If you hang your towel through the ring with the folded side down and it creases or gathers, fold it over again.

How do you arrange hanging towels?

If you are hanging all your towels on one rung, the best way to hang them is from largest to smallest. Hang the largest towel on the bottom by folding it correctly. Then add your hand towel and, lastly, your face towel. Hang all towels in the centre of the previous towel, creating a pyramid-like shape. Be careful when hanging wet towels, as layering wet towels can make it harder for them to dry.

Fun ideas for displaying your towels in your bathroom.

  • Hang up your towels through a wall-mounted ring. Hanging your hand towel allows it to dry out quickly and leaves more surface space around the sink and storage space on your shelves.
  • If you don’t have a set of display shelves, you can make your own. For example, you can display your towels by mounting a basket onto the wall. Depending on the aesthetic of your bathroom, you can use any number of baskets, like a straw, wooden, metal or plastic basket. Mounting several baskets on top of each other creates your own shelves without you having to go out and spend a few hundred dollars on a whole set.
  • You can lean a ladder against your wall and use that to create a towel rack. You can buy cheap wooden ladders at second-hand stores. The ladder is great for hanging short towels, like hand towels and face towels, on the bottom rungs and your longer towels on the top rungs. You can also give it a layer of paint to protect the wood and match your bathroom’s colour palette.
  • You don’t have to store all your towels the same way. Sometimes displaying your towels in various ways can give your bathroom a more well-rounded look. For example, you could display your long towels on a ladder, your hand towels on a wall-mounted ring and your face towels in a basket fastened to your wall.

Is it sanitary to hang towels above your toilet?

Having your towels stored or hanging above your toilet might be convenient, and it is a prevalent practice in most households. But keeping them over your toilet does come with its risks. Every time you flush your toilet, aerosolised germs are released into the air. This means anything close by could come into contact with your faecal, urine and even vomit particles. Depending on how well you’re feeling that day. If you want to get your bathroom cleaned, get in touch with the professionals. 

So, if you don’t like the sound of wiping your hands or drying your face with faecal particles, then keep your towel away from your toilet.


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