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5 Best Ways To Clean the Outside of your house in New Zealand

By February 10, 2019August 9th, 2021No Comments

Cleaning the exterior of your home can seem like a daunting and hard task. If you don’t have the equipment or the expertise it could take a lot longer for you to get in there and do it yourself. Depending on the build-up of dirt and grime on the house you should pressure wash your home. Depending on your skill level you will need to wait for a clear sunny day so you won’t be interrupted by bad weather.  Time can ruin different surfaces around your property and house cleaning is one of the tips that is generally overlooked.

How many houses have you seen that you thought would look great if they were clean?

Depending on the paint on the outside of your house will dictate what sort of pressure you will need to clean. A lower pressure, wider nozzle spray will lessen the impact on the paint and should remove any dirt build-up. The lower pressure will mitigate any old paint being removed. Depending on if your house has any outside fixtures or power outlets you will need to cover them with tape.

You can use soap and water to remove any light build-up which we call a “pre-wash” rinse. You will find more stubborn stains and aim to remove the stains this way. This requires more effort than a water blast but is safer if your house has old paint.

Depending on the situation on your house a pressure wash can vastly improve the look of your house and make it look brand new. Because Auckland has been experiencing heat fluctuations in the last few months as well as rain and other elements pressure washing your house is one of the best options you can do.

Usually for a house we recommend 1500-1600 PSI and for the outer pathways, driveways and harder surfaces 2000-3000 PSI.  To ensure your settings won’t cause any damage we recommend spraying the gun away from any damageable surfaces and adjusting your settings accordingly. If your deck generates moss, it generally means if you just clean it without a chemical solution it will come back. For pavement and concrete surfaces, we recommend plant-friendly chemicals to remove any build-ups and grime.

A good roof clean can also revamp your property and make your home look like a million dollars. If you live in Auckland it probably already is worth that much. If your roof has discoloration, we recommend a proper chemical treatment that will remove and keep away any moss build-ups.

With so many factors to consider let Kiwi Clean Home manage the work for you. Our professionals will get the job done at an extremely efficient and effective rate. We offer top-notch customer service and we work with you to get the job done.