Hiring a professional Maid For Spotless cleaning here in Auckland

Having a cleaner come into your home and clean your premises can be a complicated task. On one end you’re worried about trusting the cleaner, paying a fair price and getting an excellent job.

Kiwi Clean Home are professionals at coming in and doing the chores you don’t want to. We keep spaces clean and living areas germ-free so you can have a worry-free, stress-free space. With our online system and our roster of professional home maintenance personnel, we cater to the individual.

Having a bi-weekly cleaner in to maintain your home can be life-changing. Some people manage to free up hours in their lives by hiring a cleaning service and it turns out affordability and a friendly, trustworthy service is the best. Here at Kiwi Clean Home, we are experts when it comes to end-of-tenancy cleaning and residential cleaning.

Usually, when someone thinks of a cleaner regularly cleaning someone’s home it usually sounds like something only the upper class and wealthiest people can have. However, at lower rates and easier booking systems that’s all changed. A cleaning service for a small home can now cost anywhere from 50-100 dollars. A team can come in and professionally clean your home at an affordable rate. What’s not to love?

Obviously, you need to have an insured cleaner to tackle any issues your home might face. Some landlords even ignore mould until it’s too late. Most cleaning companies will assess any mould situations you may face and deal with them accordingly. Communication is paramount when cleaning homes.

When booking a clean, what should you expect? 

A single-level home, depending on the clean can take up to 3 hours a time. Sometimes a single bathroom or bedroom may take 2 hours on their own. We usually maintain a minimum 2-hour booking policy so there is fairness on both sides. We work with owners to ensure maintenance on multi-storey dwellings as well.

Mostly, cleaning jobs are charged at an hourly rate but can also be charged at a fixed rate. Here at Kiwi Clean Home, we aim to have fixed rates so that we are fully transparent with the client. Usually, our cleaners can get the job done in 3 hours but some tougher issues are harder to tackle.

We have a checklist that we aim to maintain where ever we go and that’s found on our website.

Making sure you absolutely trust the cleaners and that they are insured is something that you must do. Look at reviews, are they listed on trade me or equivalent services and always know their names and what payment types you must make. Usually using a coupon is something we aim to give first-time users. So, they get a discounted rate on our fees as well as a first-hand look at the service we provide.

Should the client clean prior?

Well, that’s up to you, however depending on the size of the house and the type of job you want, our cleaners can come in and do a thorough clean themselves. So, if you do the easier jobs first, our cleaners can spend time on jobs you may find too time-consuming to do yourself.

Usually, we aim to have our cleaners trained in the most efficient ways, but sometimes the homeowner or tenant will clean the premises prior to us showing up. In turn, lets us do the deeper cleans and harder jobs.

We usually ask that the cleaner has full access to the house and all interior areas so that they can fully do their job to their max capacity. Our aim is to provide the best home cleaning service in Auckland so we aim to fulfil everyone’s needs. Our cleaners are people you can trust. They get in there and do the work with a smile and at a timely rate.

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