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Can our residential cleaners work on their own?

By December 30, 2019July 19th, 2022No Comments

Here at Kiwi Clean Home we pride ourselves with autonomy and excellent service. Our cleaners are professionals and are the best people to come and maintain your home. Our cleaners will work with you to ensure that your needs are met and our expertise are put to their full uses. The cleaning industry has two primary groups, residential cleaning and commercial cleaning. Kiwi Clean Home operates in both those mediums. There are also sub groups that include weekly cleaning, fortnightly cleaning, monthly cleaning, spring cleaning, window cleaning and among others carpet cleaning.

Before our cleaners begin their work on your home we work with you to see what services you need and put together a personalized quote just for you. We specialize and pride ourselves with a “hire a maid service” or residential cleaning service where we come to your home while you’re at work or out and complete our work, making your home look spotless and fresh. We find that it’s easier for our cleaners to complete their work when there is no one home and they can focus entirely.

We aim to have repeat business with our clients as it’s the best way to get back and maintain your home. Why find another cleaner when you can have a fully insured cleaner that you trust and know. Our cleaners work on their own and are fully trained, insured and have a “Kiwi Clean Home” checklist that they follow as well as an individual tasks the client needs.

Our team of residential cleaners also takes the hassle away from you so that you can focus on other things in your life without worrying about a messy home.

Our job takes the hassle away from the booking process,
cleaning and removing rubbish, buying cleaning products, having multiple
cleaning apparatus and any maintenance that we take care of.

Our cleaners clean your home meticulously and bring in a sense of their own personal pride and expertise. When hiring Kiwi Clean Home you can trust that the same cleaner will come to your house on a regular basis. There is a certain level of trust that you need to let someone into your home and that’s where our cleaners come in, remember your time is the most valuable thing to you. So why waste it cleaning when you can hire the professionals?

We aim to build a relationship with each client of ours so that you have the pleasure of working with an individual and a professional.

For instance if you have a larger family and your house is
constantly being used we can help you clean every area of the home. You don’t want
to worry about the cleaning hassle of every day.

We clean every area of the house including living areas, bathrooms and bedrooms as well as the kitchen. If an oven requires cleaning we do our due diligence to see what type of build-up has occurred and whether or not we have the right tools for the job.

It is perfectly fine to remain in your home while a cleaner goes about their duties.

It is ideal if the cleaner is left to their own accord. Just
for peace of mind and ease of access we aim to have no distractions and a hassle
free environment. If we have questions, we will call or text you to make sure
there is communication between both a parties.

In the beginning it is wise to meet the client initially and
perhaps be in the house for the first clean to work out an efficient system
where the cleaner can move through the house entirely. They also aim to maintain
any special requests or instructions needed to be fulfilled. In some cases it
can be quite stressful for our teams to have the home owner there and we have
found that the best way to go about the cleaning duties is autonomously.

For peace of mind for you, if you’d like to be home during the services we ask that you be home for the first 15 minutes of the clean so you can meet our team, get to know a sense of the cleaners personality and then you can decide if you’d like to stay home or not, highlight any areas that might need extra work and so forth.

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Our Expert Cleaners Save You Time

Our online booking service is the best online. We have options for all home and domestic purposes. Here at Kiwi Clean Home we are implementing a commercial based option where businesses will be able to outsource their cleaning to us.