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How Our Cleaners Kill Bacteria

By December 30, 2019July 19th, 2022No Comments

Kiwi Clean Home’s cleaning teams use a variety of tools in your home so that we leave your property feeling clean, fresh, and bacteria-free. We aim to use Eco-friendly products without leaving any nasty chemical smells or residue in your home. These tips are also great for end-of-tenancy cleaning.

Hot Soapy Water

This method is effective for cleaning just about any surface. Soap is non-polar meaning it can detach harmful items from surfaces. Bacteria are polar. The process of using soap to scrub surfaces, removing them with water means bacteria have nothing to chemically grip on to, therefore being washed down the drain. Regular washing soap will clean a house entirely and be enough for any general use home.

The main question here is, are you killing the bacteria or just spreading them around?

Cleaning products and disinfectants

Understanding the difference between the two can be a life changer and our cleaners are in the know of these tools. Usually in the kitchen and bathroom, you’ll need disinfectant as there are harmful germs and bacteria lurking there. For example, the kitchen may have been used to make and prepare some raw chicken and there is the residue of chicken liquids on your bench, stove and cooktops. Using a disinfectant will kill any harmful bacteria left by
these items and result in your kitchen being hygienically clean.

There is a kill time or half-life for bacteria and we aim to spray a surface down and let it sit for a few minutes before wiping down. We then apply a cleaning solution to the area and wipe it down a second time leaving it sterile and clean.

Alcohol Mix to kill bacteria

Alcohols can break down proteins in bacteria and are non-corrosive. Sometimes a water vodka mix can be used to spray down any curtain area, lounge suites, chairs and any high-use areas. These general characteristics are helpful in understanding what our cleaners do in your home, how our house cleaning services work, and how you can do these simple steps to make your home a bit cleaner.  Our professional cleaners are trained and know what to use and how to execute these tools in any situation.

Our Pro Tip – Always read labels

Cleaning labels should be read to understand what the cleaning mix is made of and how you can mix or dilute it with other things so that it’s most efficient.

One of the more challenging programs is allowing dry time to occur on surfaces that have just been cleaned. The purpose being that all liquids have evaporated over the surfaces. Water is critical for living organisms to thrive, so this is another reason why it’s good to leave surfaces to air dry after a clean or wipe down.

So how do our cleaners effectively kill bacteria? With a use of many different disinfectants and cleaning products our cleaners create a safe and clean environment. Generally each step is dependent on each other however the difference between the two can lead to a cleaner environment for you and your family. Using the information at our cleaner’s disposal they will be able to implement a cleaning solution that will be a good part of your homes cleaning routine.

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