How Do Hotels Keep Glass Shower Doors Clean?

Hotels usually have a large number of cleaners that sweep through the premises and attend to rooms that have recently been vacated. Hotels can choose to have an in-house cleaning team or outsource it to a professional group. It is up to the cleaning team to test and choose what products/methods are best for getting a variety of soap scum and grime off different surfaces.

Hotels may have a record of what their bathroom shower glass is made out of, being very specific of what can be used and where.

A safe way to clean shower glass is a mixture of 1 part vinegar to 5 parts water.

Here at Kiwi Clean Home, we like to test a variety of methods for removing build-on shower glass scum. We have tested vinegar mixes that have worked on a small amount of scum but have found that it doesn’t get the built-on grime that may have been on the glass for months.

The vinegar solution should be sprayed onto the surface and left on for 10-15 minutes.

Proceed to wipe the shower glass with a paper towel, linen towel, or squeegee to see what the results are. If there is still grime on your shower glass, spray and leave another coat on.

In one of our cleaning jobs, we used vinegar on a shower glass panel, and it took 3 to 4 runs of the vinegar solution before the grime was removed.

Cleaning shower glass with wd40

If you have a very kept shower that is very tidy, you may not need to employ harsher chemicals to clean your shower glass. However, if you have shower stains that have been on for many months or years you may want to look at keeping things like isopropyl alcohol, or any chemical that displaces water effectively like wd-40 for example.

WD-40 has been used to clean shower glass and clean other areas of the bathroom because of its lubricant properties. It’s also not as harsh as other chemicals that you may think of using in the bathroom. WD-40 is great on problem areas like bathroom door hinges and showerheads etc.

Here at Kiwi Clean Home, we like to use a multipurpose spray as well as a vinegar solution as a first step for problem areas of the glass. If we need to, we will use things like WD-40 to clean the glass after trying our initial steps.

Because it displaces water it can remove water damage, protect for a longer period of time, and if plausible, remove rust stains from metal and showerheads.

It’s always handy as a homeowner to have a spray lubricant so that smaller jobs around the house won’t be such an issue.

How do you prevent water spots on glass shower doors?

There are many ways to prevent water spot build-up on your shower glass. If you run a hotel or air bnb you will find that your shower is used commercially and it would be viable to hire cleaners to come and service your rooms.

A cheap and effective way to keep your shower glass clean is to simply squeegee the glass every time you have a shower.

Once you are finished with your shower rinse and squeegee to keep any water build-up at a minimum.

Other suggestions are to use some sort of polish to keep water from building up on the glass. This creates a barrier to protect your glass from unwanted scum and build-up that otherwise occurs naturally.

Some hotels and motel rooms have soft water sediments in their pipelines making shower glass easier to clean.

How do you keep glass shower screens clean?

For everyone who is responsible for cleaning bathrooms and shower areas, you will know that it is a chore that needs doing to prevent build-up in the long term. It can be tedious and hard at times and we recommend hiring professionals to help you with the cleaning duties.

We find that our clients and other commercial operations put off cleaning bathrooms as it is usually the most common area for mould and mildew.

We can’t stress enough that you should squeegee every day after a shower as it makes it easier to clean in the long term.

A low-cost squeegee will cost a few dollars and provide dividends later on when you don’t need to use as much elbow grease when tackling hard jobs like cleaning your shower.

Applying a vinegar solution to the glass weekly can also help you out in the long term as it prevents build-up and soap scum. You may need to let the vinegar soak in as well as re-applying multiple times.

Using a water protectant on the shower glass is another surefire way to stop build-ups also.

If you can’t be bothered using the two methods mentioned above, this might be the easiest solution we can provide.

Get a bottle of rain repellent from any hardware store and apply it generously to your glass.

How to clean glass shower doors with hard water stains

With more built-up grime and scum you will need harsher chemicals to get rid of the build-up.

Depending on how long it has been there you may get away with using a product like Jiff. The cream version should be fine for minimal soap scum however, if you haven’t cleaned the shower glass in a while you may want to invest in the heavier-duty Jiff products or something chemical-based like a bleach compound.

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