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Home Cleaning Tips and Tricks

The Fastest Way To Clean Your House

By January 2, 2020October 27th, 2020No Comments

When your home is looking untidy and you’re thinking it could do with a spring clean, you also wonder how long it’s going to take you to clean. Having a clean home can improve your quality of life as well as give you peace of mind when it comes to where you dwell. When it comes to your home, you want the cleanest and most effective job done, which takes time and effort. You might have just come home from work, hosted a party or just don’t want to spend a whole day cleaning. With our step by step guide you will be able to clean your home both efficiently and effectively.

Fast House Cleaning Checklist

Clean each part of your home in sections

When we come in to a home we usually section off the house and do it in bits. For example, if your home has wooden floors, we aim to get the floors done in one go. We do the entire house covering all areas where there are wooden floors. Generally if there are wooden floors, we would leave this until last.

The tasks that take the longest time or the most extensive work we generally try and knock that out first. We do this so that any anxiety or stress in regards to the double work is reduced.

Put Your Equipment Close By

When all your equipment is together you can easily access everything and work with tools needed to get the job done. Generally if you have a backpack, trolley, basket or any other means to hold your tools, this is ideal. If you have a larger house or you need extra tools to clean, we suggest hiring the cleaners and getting a house cleaning service.

Sweep Daily

When sweeping areas of high use, you end up reducing any build up on the carpets or other floor areas. We recommend sweeping daily to ensure cleaner your house is easier and faster. Make sure you are well equipped can have a decent broom so that sweeping any dirt or dust is more efficient. If you have a less than quality broom, you may just spread the dirt around causing more mess.

Vacuum Often

Pulling out the vacuum cleaner and giving the high use areas a once over is a great way to minimize dust and any sort of build-up in living areas. When you vacuum make sure to start on the outsides of the room and move your way into the centre. Vacuuming often ensures that the process to clean your house is faster, and much more care free. Put some music on and do a round of vacuuming.

Disinfect Shower and Bathroom Areas After Use

If you have an all-purpose cleaner, make sure you give your bathroom areas a quick once over when you’re done using them. We also recommend using a squeegee and giving the shower a wipe down with that as well. When you do this you cut down the time it takes to clean a bathroom, but also reduce the build up of grime and mildew when cleaning this way.

Wiping Down Surfaces

We also recommend using a different cloth and spray for other surfaces. These may include tops of tables, mirrors, door handles and other surfaces around your home. You would be surprised whats lurking on a bathroom door handle or other surfaces around your home.

Putting Clothes Away After Doing The Laundry

We recommend neatly folding and putting away your laundry once its done. If you have used a drier in the process this may or may not increase the amount of dust and build up on the clothes. If you leave the clothing out it may gather and contribute to dust build up in your home. If you use a clothing line or clothing horse, make sure you hang it out straight away.

Regularly Emptying Bins

When you reduce the waste build up in your home this can save you time doing a full clean, or reduce the time it takes for professional residential cleaners to work on your home. Usually emptying bins is included in a service however if it is empty already, this is one less task for us.