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Home Cleaning Tips and Tricks

The Dirtiest Places in Your Home

By January 1, 2020October 27th, 2020No Comments

Germs spread from person to person and to surfaces really easily. Which is why cleaning your home is a very important process, especially if you have kids. With our Auckland house cleaning services we make sure the surfaces of your home are very clean and spotless.

Common household germs that can make you sick are:

  • Staph
  • Salmonella
  • Escherichia coli, or E. coli
  • fecal matter

The Kitchen

The kitchen is where food is prepared and stored so its one of the most dirty places in the house in terms of germs, bacteria and other fecal matter. More than 70% of sponges and rags contain all these types of bacteria which is a crazy amount.

Frequent items in the kitchen that need cleaning are chopping boards, frying pans, utensils, coffee machines, sinks, refrigerator and the freezer.

Using disposable disinfectant wipes are the most effective way to keep these areas clean as it minimizes the spread of germs by using new wipes every time. However make sure you dispose of these very thoroughly.

Knobs and Handles

Counter tops, Door handles and light switches are few less than obvious spots however because so many hands touch them at various points of the day they are home to germs. These include bathroom and kitchen light switches, fridge handles, stove top knobs and the microwave. Clean these spots after use with a disposable wipe to make cleaning a breeze.

The Bathroom

The bathroom is up there with home to the worst bacteria in the land, due to the moisture off the shower and bodily fluids being excreted there this is the perfect spot for germs to thrive. Using wet wipes frequently in this area is a must and having a well ventilated room stops the build up of mold and mildew. A shower dome or extractor fan will work well.

An old tooth brush can be used for those hard to clean places instead of a wipe. Towels should be replaced just before they start to smell as this is a sign of bacteria growth.

Home Office

You’d be surprised but the home office area is also considerably dirty. Due to the fact that a keyboard is used often and in turn so is the mouse which is possibly shared by many family members makes it home to germs. Using wipes on these surfaces makes cleaning easy and you-ll see that on the first wipe it’ll show some black dust. Go and check out our commercial cleaning service.

Bacteria are single celled microbes. The cell structure is simpler than that of other organisms as there is no nucleus or membrane bound organelles. Instead their control center containing the genetic information is contained in a single loop of DNA. Some bacteria can divide very fast with the right environment which is why symptoms of illnesses show up so quickly after an infection.